Parliament passed controversial amendments to the Forest
Thursday, 14 June 2012 08:03
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1Skiing can be built on state land in the mountains without a path to be removed from the forest. This provides part of the changes in the Forestry Act, which parliament adopted. GERB explained that the aim is to develop tourism and sport in Bulgaria.

According to the amendments right to build on properties of forest without changing their purpose is allowed to ski slopes, poles and stations tows for "open facilities serving the sports, cultural and religious needs, including the necessary secondary light supplementary building construction related to their operation.” The proposals sparked several protests by environmentalists and NGOs. "What I want to see - again, children up to ski"- Chair of GERB Krasimir Velchev

Desislava Taneva the ruling party was adamant that the right of construction for construction of ski slopes, plants tows, columns tows and temporary structures shall be established after an auction to which access is every investor who is interested.