Investment Projects
Monday, 01 August 2011 16:47
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“Archproject Design” Ltd offers speed, security and quality construction. This is due to the precision and hard work of management, engineering - technical personnel and highly qualified executive staff as the use of new building technologies.

Built and delivered in service under the regulations of the current legal framework in the country are many residential and industrial buildings and sports facilities in Bulgaria. The company performs both buildings with monolithic structures, as well as a prefabricated structures, including buildings with special functions and technology implementation.

Arhproekt Design is specialized in the field of investment design, consisting of the following phases:

  • Pre-investment study: technology studies offer a choice of offering optimum technology;
  • Job design, review and refine the baseline data necessary for development and approval of the project, with sarzani:
    • Requirements for the site;
    • Design phases;
    • Basic technical, economic, technological, operational and planning requirements, composite object;
    • Major functional and compositional parameters of the object.
  • Preparation of preliminary design drawings / plans and technological schemes / clarifying the proposed design solutions, an explanatory memorandum explaining the proposed design solutions.
  • Preparation of final engineering design drawings / floor plans, sections / reflecting design technological solutions adopted; explanatory note reflecting the adopted design technology solutions, technological calculations justifying the design decisions.