Monday, 01 August 2011 13:38
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“Archproject Design” Ltd specializes in the following types of work

  • Study and design of buildings in compliance with the needs and the requirements of the Employer and with the actual possibilities of the regulation and construction plans and legal requirements of the coordination and permit regimes, related to receiving construction permit;
  • Elaboration of General structure plans and detailed structure plans for urbanized and natural territories. Proven experience and professionalism in the elaboration of recreation zones – all year round and winter ski sport and tourism for all phases of design;
  • Negotiating the design and construction works on the grounds of detailed Bill of quantities for types of works, which the project requires. Having qualified personnel and supporting a rich, systematically updated data with the prices of the basic materials and accessories used in design and construction works provides us with the possibilities for achieving optimal unit prices for each of the negotiated works. Our contracts completely guarantee the interests of our Employers in relation to terms and quality of work.