Monday, 01 August 2011 13:11
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To our clients we offer:

  • Consultations on issues of architectural and landscape design;
  • Architectural, landscape and phyto design;
  • Design gardening of public terrains, commercial sites, private yards, plots, villas, internal and external design with vegetation, roof gardens, etc.;
  • Elaboration of details for park and garden elements – decorative pavement, fences, fountains, pergolas, small bridges, rock gardens, decorative water areas, etc.;
  • Complex study, design, architectural and landscape layouts of parks, gardens, commercial sites, hotels, restaurants, residential quarters, etc.;
  • Computer illustration of your design in 3D;
  • Technical control in the design of all parts;
  • Preparation of cadastral plans and connecting them to the coordinate system in force;
  • Specification and drawing of the plan for the necessary areas around the buildings according to the normative acts.